The Future of Work:
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What will the future of work look like post-pandemic? How will organizational structures and the workforce be transformed? Learn from the world's most influential corporate leaders who are at the forefront of leading us into the future.

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The Future of Work Is a Phenomenon That Reimagines and Transforms Not Only Our Workforce but Also Our Organizational Structures.

Key Characteristics

The future of work is a phenomenon that reimagines and transforms not only our workforce but also our organizational structures. The best way to define its meaning is to list some of its main characteristics so far:

  • Harnessing distributed teams and creating new modalities of work, enterprises can now be more innovative, create a stronger culture and a best-of-breed workforce that does not distinguish among employees, freelancers, physical structures, and distance.
  • Organizations are aided by algorithms to remove bias from talent decisions, while making diversity, equity and inclusion the most significant of all cultural imperatives.
  • Redesigning the workspace to maximize team collaboration and innovation, foster cultural change, and improve the overall employee experience.
  • Gaining opportunities through the adaption of artificial intelligence and automation to industry practices.

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